Multiple Planar Reconstruction

Axial, coronal and sagittal slices can be observed simultaneously. Besides, the slice in any direction is available. Buccolingual slices, distal and mesial sections were obtained to facilitate diagnosis.


The system can label the neural tube automatically in the CT image, providing great convenience for diagnosis.

3D Fine Reconstruction

Local fine reconstruction is conducted in the designated area.

Metal Artifact Reduction

With the new T-MAR reduction module for metal artifact removal, the system corrects metal artifacts intelligently. It avoids overmodification and saves the original clinical data.

Implant Simulation

The bone and bone mass in the implant area will be evaluated by dental 3D images using HiRes3D. The neural tube will be highlighted automatically, which presents the relationship between the implant and the neural tube. This is a better way to approach a successful implant surgery.

TMJ Diagnosis

SmartVPro software has a visual pattern of comparing the left and right joints, allowing doctors to evaluate the diagnosis and treatment effect on temporomandibular joint diseases.

CEPH Measurement (Optional)

The neural network is trained by mega data, which automatically identifies orthodontic anatomical landmark points, draws anatomical structures and outputs measurement reports according to the selected measurement methods.

Airway Measurement

The airway is segmented automatically, which calculates the volume and the narrowest area of the airway.

Regional Statistics

Used to assess bone mineral density in selected areas.