Optional FOVs




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HD Resolution

  1. The highest resolution reaches 2.4 lp/mm and the microstructure of the oral cavity can be seen.
  2. The voxel size is 0.05-0.3mm optional.
  3. Enhanced image by small focal spot X-ray tube.
  4. Detector equipped with HD pixels, high sensitivity and high image acquisition rate. High-performance AI reconstruction algorithms promote the images to be more precise and faster.
  5. Super large FOV with no stitching.
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Super-large FOV CBCT

  1. An ideal one with the largest FOV to meet the full oral diagnostics needs in oral and maxillofacial surgery.
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Low Dose

  1. It fully explores the perfect balance between image quality and radiation dose. Low dose mode provides lower radiation especially for children and elders.
  2. Radiation dose in one oral CBCT scan ← → Radiation dose from one flight
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  1. 360° scan.
  2. Small focal spot X-ray tube and high sensitivity detector for high-definition images.
  3. S/M/L three shooting modes are optional to respond to the different patients' needs.
  4. Rapid reconstruction of high-definition images within 30 seconds.
  5. Super large FOV with no stitching.
  6. Panoramic images generated automatically.
  7. Cephalometric PA and LAT generated automatically.
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Model Scan(Optional)

  1. Dental model scanning function supports scanning impressions and plaster models. The precision can reach 100 μm. It can generate STL 3D digital models for oral implants, orthodontic treatment, etc.
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Metal Artifact Correction

  1. The unique metal artifact removal function of HiRes3D Series can reduce the influence of the metal or other high density materials, and significantly improve the image quality.
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Better Quality in Shorter Time

  1. HiRes3D series are able to get high-accurate 3D image of anatomical structures within 12.5 seconds of scanning time.
  2. HiRes3D has a resolution as high as 2.4 lp/mm, which is able to clearly display the microscopic structures, effectively meeting the requirements of various dental applications, such as dental implant, impacted teeth positioning, oral surgery evaluation, and dental disease diagnosis, etc.

Comfortable Experience

Seated CBCT

  • HiRes3D Series provides face-to-face communication
  • The 3D laser positioning system is easy to achieve accurate targeting of the scanning area

Six-dimensional Power Seat

  • Effectively reduce motion artifacts, resulting in clearer images
  • Bring patients a relaxed scanning experience, more convenient and more comfortable
  • The movement control precision is up to 0.1mm, which makes the process faster and more stable

Fully Electric Chin Rest / Forehead Rest

  • HiRes3D Series provides face-to-face communication
  • The 3D laser positioning system is easy to achieve accurate targeting of the scanning area

Composite Fabric Seat

  • The seat is made of special composite fabric that is soft and breathable, with natural rebound
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3D Face Scan (Optional)

  1. 3D Face Scan System provides the realistic face 3D data, which combines with CBCT data.

Product Size Display

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