CephPro3D superimposes patient´s cephalic images with side photos. It can be fine-tuned through the anchor point to ensure that the image and photos are superimposed completely. Intuitive simulation of the orthodontic effect is generated by one-click.

Orthodontic Case Report

It integrates the basic information of the patients with oral and facial photos at different stages of treatment. Meanwhile, patients´ eyes can be covered automatically, which protects their privacy. Case reports can be generated with one-click, which is convenient for doctors to manage orthodontic cases.

Customizing Measurement Analysis Methods

There are 19 measurement methods built into the software, which can be selected by doctors according to the actual clinical situation. Meanwhile, the software supports the optional addition of measurement items and the formation of new measurement methods in any combination, thus facilitating flexible and effective targeted analysis of clinical cases.

Intelligent Tracking of the Clinical Stage

The overlapping maps at different treatment stages are obtained accurately. It conforms to the standard of the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO), which meets the diagnostic needs. The tracing contrast shows the treatment effect intuitively, promoting smooth communication between doctors and patients.

Visual Presentation of Report with the Clear Measurement Effect

The report is generated with just one click. It promotes communication between doctors and patients.