LargeV’s Beijing Home Stadium: Shinning in Sino-Dental 2023

From June 9th to 12th, the 27th China International Dental Exhibition & Scientific Conference (Sino-Dental@2023) was successfully held. The exhibition, hosted by the International Health Exchange and Cooperation Center PRC and the Chinese Stomatological Association, with the support of Peking University School of Stomatology, attracted considerable attention and engagement throughout its four-day duration. LargeV made a remarkable impact at the exhibition once again.


(LargeV Wonderful Team)

During the event, LargeV unveiled its latest innovation, the Smart3D-X, a brand-new and upgraded smart dental CBCT system. This upgraded product generation introduces a groundbreaking feature called “One shot”, enabling instant diagnosis through one-second imaging. With no image stitching and an incredibly fast shooting speed, the entire imaging process can be completed in as little as one second. The field of view has also been expanded, with options of 16X10cm, 16X10.5cm, and 18X15cm, allowing for comprehensive coverage of key anatomical information. The new-generation “One shot” cephalometric imaging system further enables immediate diagnosis with a single capture.




The exhibition booth attracted not only numerous Chinese audiences and scholars but also delegations from various countries seeking to explore and engage in fruitful discussions. LargeV's dedicated team provided detailed introductions of the showcased products to international visitors.

As dental care continues to advance, digitization and intelligence have become crucial trends in orthodontic development. LargeV, recognizing this industry direction, not only presented its major products and software but also launched digital dental products specifically designed for orthodontics. The on-site launch conference for these digital dental products brought together experts and scholars for insightful discussions, fostering an atmosphere of academic excellence. LargeV Instruments is committed to keeping pace with the wave of digitization and intelligence. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI and big data, the company actively promotes innovation and progress in the field of orthodontics.




During the exhibition, LargeV also participated in the public welfare activity "Daisy in the Mountains," contributing to the oral health of children in mountainous areas with genuine care and support.


Currently, LargeV is actively engaged in major exhibitions worldwide and strives for world-class standards at every stage of its development. From dental CBCT products to digital invisible orthodontic products and software, LargeV Instruments, backed by strong technical expertise, continues to invest significantly in research and development. This commitment ensures a diverse product line that meets the evolving clinical needs, providing healthcare professionals and patients with outstanding products and services.